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Entity's in different dimensions merging


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I have started an B-Team server and everything went fine but since we have been to the moon and set up a portal connected to the moon (the one from enhanced portals) all the entity's are in both dimensions.

like the cow's in the farm we can see them on the moon and they are even moving the same as in the overworld.

same with players and mobs we can see them but cant hit them or do anything else with them.

is this a known bug from galacticraft or enhanced portals and is there a solution?

There also has been a bug when equiping the oxygen gear when another player equips it it visualy appears on your character.

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I really want to answer your question with a suggestion but I keep getting distracted by your avatar.

Have you tried... Damn, what is that?

maybe if you... That Avatar is cool and screwed up at the same time. What is it?

The avatar is from Bleach (best anime) its a fan art(not by me)



I noticed it was raining cows/pigs/chickens in the Nether. Haven't been to the moon yet though.

i havent seen that happening have you gone through the nether with a portal from the enhanced portals?

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i have tryed updating the server to 1.0.7a for the galacticraft update.

it didnt work out i couldnt join and reinstalled the server to 1.0.5 and the bug is gone now

so maby its a problem with first setup or something.

anyway its gone now so that is the solution for me.

tnx for the help :)

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