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[1.7.10][RPG][TheTravaler'sServer][Whitelisted]PvP/PvE/Community20slots][The Traveler's Pack!]

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Hey guys. I've recently made public a modpack that I have been working on for the past 2 months. It's got most of its kinks out and is pretty stable.

Me and my team of 3 have been testing this modpack on a new server that I have just bought, and we are looking for people to further expand the community.

The modpack will constantly be worked on, as some of my teammates think that this pack might need a mod or two more to complete it. But don't worry about loosing the world, because I'll be checking if the updates or additions to the modpack will still be compatible to old worlds. 

The type of people we are looking for in this server are people who like community builds, exploration events, traveling far and wide for great finds, and most importantly people who enjoy community and that will be up for a skype call at anytime.

Right now, we are looking for 10 new people to join. So if your interested, shoot me a message or an email and I'll get in communication with you as soon as can be.

WARNING: Some people have tried the modpack on single player and have dipped out because it was too much for them to take. Because AoA is at its core, almost every mob will try to kill you.

WARNING#2 : Make sure you play this modpack on single player first and see if you like it.


The server up time is 24/7

The server IP:

Modpack Link http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/travellars-pack.657717

Since this is going to be a white listed server, the server has no plug-ins and is what it is.

The rules are simple:

1. Laugh and have fun.

2. Be a part of the community.

3. There is no grieving/steeling. We have a community storage area where you will be able to take and leave items.


One of the requirements is that you have to be at least 16

If you plan to apply for this whitelisted server. Fill out the application and send it to me or comment.

1. Why do you want to join this server?

2. What are your goals on a community server?

3. Where are you from?

4. Whats your age?

5. Do you have skype?

6. Have you ever been on a server that is a community server?

7. If contacted, when is the best time?

8. Why should we choose you?

9. What style of playing in minecraft do you like?

If there is anything else that you think would make you a good candidate for this server then slap it on there too!

My email is [email protected]

Thanks guys. Can't wait to play!

Mariolink93 (Modpack author)









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