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[1.12.2]The Official Yao Pack Server![PvE][24 slots][Open][Yao Pack]

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Alternative link if clicking on the image above doesn't work.

Join the Official Yao Pack server!

The server is is already added to your server list within the Yao Pack, so you don't need to enter any IP.

The rules are simple, use common sense!

Don't grief , steal or raid people unless you've come to an agreement.

Don't build too close to other people unless they've given you permission to do so.

Try to not lag or crash the server, don't use cheats and so on...

Please be nice. Let's try make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Due to popular demand, I've created an "official" server for the Yao Pack modpack. The server is up 24/7, and is not whitelisted (although I highly recommend joining the Yao Pack Discord server so that we can get to know you some if you decide to join!).

The world is never reset, and the server is running SpongeForge. It has some plugin features like /home and /spawn. Other than that, I've tried my best to keep it as close to default Yao Pack as possible. There are no banned items but, as stated earlier, use common sense.

The community is small but closely tied together. Nearly all who play know each other through the Yao Pack Discord server, so I'd highly recommend you join it and say hi!









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