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Looking for people for youtube server

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2. I had an old youtube chanal that released content but the username and password got lost i'm in the prosses of setting up a new chanal and hope this can be one of my starting up series. If you what you can see my old chanal LucaasXander but I think all the vidios are gone I have done colabs with friends natanaial coran and varaid and I thinkk some of my content may be there if you wish to look it up.

3. Yes :)

4.14 almost 15

5. used to same, reason ans question 2. I have got Dxtory for a recording sofware and have a powerful microphone to make some good content.


7.I hope so (Agreed)

If you what to contact me my skype is alex.h.kingsbury

Hope you Day/night goes well and hope your chanal goes well



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5:My mic is pretty good. I also have fraps and adobe premiere pro cs6. You can watch my video.




I am from Hong Kong. Maybe you won't see me in the server but I will play in this server.

PS: My English is not so good. So.... Can you guys take care of me? Please




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1: ruebensaal

2: ReubenSalsa

3: Yes yes I am

4: 13 (I've been on many servers before and everyone tends to like me)

5: 30fps recording, looking for new processor, good content

6: I accept to prank and be pranked without the use of TNT, lava or fire. (Anything destructive I don't use)

7: Agreed

Please reply within the next hour to contact me. I'm usually on skype most often. Skype: Cal Ruebensaal

Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon. 

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1. Minecraft name


2. Youtube Channel

Captian Banana

3. Willing To do lets play

You bet I am


15 almost 16

5.Make quality content

I will put out it but I am building my PC I am sending this from my decent laptop that can record a about 20 right now 

6.Accept to prank and be pranked

Yup i lover a good prank where on me or someone else

7.No griefers

I don't grief ever

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I am looking for some youtubers to join my attack of the b team server

You can aplicate below

1.minecraft name

2. Youtube Channel

3. Willing To do letsplay


5.Make quality content

6.accept to prank and be pranked

7.No griefers 

Hope to see you there


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1.minecraft name: Lord0Rahl

2. Youtube Channel: Lord Rahl https://www.youtube.com/user/Lord1Rahl

3. Willing To do letsplay: I am

4.Age: 17

5.Make quality content: I will try my best but quality is a matter of perspective

6.accept to prank and be pranked: Hell yes!

7.No griefers: Isnt that normal to not steal stuff?

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Forgive me if i misread that Calthegatekeeper123 but i do have a Microphone i just havent recorded in a long time so the stuff on my channel is rather old at the moment i have Fraps Turtle Beach Z22 headset and Sony movie studio Platinum for recording

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Not trying to be mean but...everyone on this list except BlackMinerCrafting,me,Shadowdemon46 and TargetParadox have Microphones...I'm saying put more money into your recording software and microphones.

I spend pretty much money on my mic and recording software. I just... don't know what you mean, so I haven't make it clear.

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Minecraft name (the caps is right): Supaman56bent

Youtube Channel: KREENiX youtube.com/kreenix (Just made the account, ready to start with a BOOM)

Willing to do letsplay: HELL YES

Age: 15

Make Quality content: of course! (Just gonna get a new mic)

Accept to prank and be prank: Whats a good video without it? (yes)

No griefers? No shit!! (meaning i wont grief)

hope to see me there? hope you'll accept me?

and will there be livestreams??

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