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Looking for people for youtube server

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1. steampunkmage

2. http://www.youtube.com/user/Steampunkmage

3. of course ill do a letsplay

4. 16

5. I found that most of my multiplayer content is much better then my singleplayer series plus I can post up to 1080p

6. pranking is the best part of minecraft as long as it doesn't go overboard saying that I prank often

7. greifers should stick to the horrible pve servers where they belong

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1.minecraft name: TrueDelta

2. Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/betacrew231

3. Willing To do letsplay: Indeed.

4.Age: 14

5.Make quality content: yes 720p

6.accept to prank and be pranked: OF COURSE 

7.No griefers: I shall never Grief

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Hey! Id love to play!

IGN : CarlsFriend

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/MrCarlsFriend

LetsPlay : Yes

Age : 17

Quality : HD and I try my best

Pranks : They're fun!

Griefers : Lock em up forever!

Don't hesitate to contact me via skype @ derrick.wengerd . I can give you my phone as well when we skype. Looking forward to talking.

A side note... Ive been playing Minecraft since beta and I started doing lps and tutorials for close to a month. I have a studio quality mic and I use Camtasia. I also have a very legit gaming rig. (Intel 3rd Gen. i7 quad core, Nvidia GTX 770, and 16GB memory). Ive been playing Attack of the B-Team since its been released and I think im good at it :)... But I dont know for sure.


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Before I post my application, I'd like to state something. I have been hunting like a mad dog for a community centred, mindcrack - like AOTBT server.. You see, Me and a friend of mine, SOOLOL, are small YouTubers and want to start a LP on our channels. We're already part of a community based server - called the Shaft Crew (Vanilla). We are preferably looking for trusted community centred servers and I haven't gottena reply from most of them! I do hope you accept us. Could you send me a message if we are accepted or not? Thanks!


1. IGN: SOOLOL, Joelj96

2. Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/MiningMuch

                                : http://www.youtube.com/sirsoolol

3. Willing To do letsplay: That's our AIM!

4. Age: I'm 18, he's 16

5. Make quality content: Yup, check out our channel's The Shaft Crew Playlist!

6. Accept to prank and be pranked: Of Course!

7. No griefers: Very Well Agreed, Griefing is not pranking!



Hope you read this and send me a message bro!

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Hi TargetParadox

I can no longer connect to your server. I log in but the server tells me that the versions are out of sync. What version of AotBTeam is it on because no version that I use allows me to play?


Also, why does it keep restarting without any warning?




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Hello! I'm Mickey! This looks like a lot of fun, so i'm going to apply.

My minecraft name is mickeyd180, and i play with my friends often.

My youtube is Mickey Games (link here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHfTzVcM4oYlzl1HUWzfymw )

I am willing to do LetsPlay

My age is 13, but my friends say I sound younger lolz

I make nice content (never swear, no dirty language, good quality)

Why the heck wouldn't there be pranks?

NO GRIEFERS  :psylon:

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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