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How to pump lava from the Nether?


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Not sure.

But there's always the Magma Crucible.


yeah i know, but that takes ages to get lava. I have set it up to have the lava from the magma crucible go into a magmatic dynamo. but i want to be able to just pipe or suck up straight lava.... like a pump from tekkit.

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You cant, afaik theres no way to pump lava, if your playing single player and dont mind adding an extra mod I would suggest adding extra utilities and then using the ender thermic pump (makes less lag then other pumps and has an internal chunk loader)

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Alternatively, MFR has a magma fabricator, which is relatively quick.



Yeh but you wont be able to produce power like that as 1 bucket(1000mb) of lava in a magmatic dynamo only creates enough power to make .9 of a bucket(900mb) of lava in the lava fab.

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I know in Tekkit and there are the pumps that can pump lava and water, but I can't figure out how to pump the lava using Thermal Expansion alone?


Getting water isn't a problem with the Aqueous Accumulator. But  I want lava!


Anyone have suggestions?

how about buildcraft, dosent that have anything (yes you can install buildcraft, just throw the mod in the mods folder and get a IDfix mod and throw that in the mods folder aswell im using idfix minus)

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