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Server Crashes Whenever I Join (Owner)


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I had something similar to this happen to me when I logged out (may have been a clientside crash, don't remember) while driving a titan, were you doing that?


I got a few seconds in game, entering creative mode, starting to fly then teleporting, turning off fly and going back into survival seemed to fix it.

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at com.mrcrayfish.furniture.tileentity.TileEntityOven.solidifyItems(TileEntityOven.java:430)
at com.mrcrayfish.furniture.tileentity.TileEntityOven.func_70316_g(TileEntityOven.java:323)

Looks like a oven from mrcrayfish's furniture mod is causing you to crash.


I would try removing the block by loading the map in mcedit.

or in the config files (cfm.cfg) you could try changing the item id for the oven (not sure how well that approach would work tho)


or remove the mod, load the map, which should delete all furniture mod items from the map, then add teh mod back

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