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ButchDome [24/7][Survival][No Whitelist][Staff Needed][100 slots]

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24/7 survival server



  • Survival
  • PvP
  • Economy
  • All ages
  • Hosted by 24/7 Hosting company
  • User friendly staff



follow the rules regardless if you're staff or member


  • Do not grief
  • Do not steal
  • Do not spam or use caps
  • Do not advertise other servers
  • Be friendly
  • Have respect
  • Don't swear



  • Essentials
  • Core-Protect
  • Signshop
  • PermissionsEx
  • World-Edit
  • World-Guard
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Very nice server!  But I was wondering if you needed a builder for a new spawn area, etc.  As the server I was Master Buider on (FlenixCitiesMod Test Server) was shut down, I am really bored.  Really hope to hear back from you.







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