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[1.0.9c] Peacecraft <Not accepting applications>[PvE][Whitelist][20 slots][UK based]

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I would like to join. Im a pretty nice person. I find pvp a little fun on occasion, but generally don't play that way. I share my discoveries and stuff, if I have extra. I would love to join your community and spend time learning these cool mods.Please add me if you have a spot. :)


My IGN: LynnWyn, I'm a girl. I'm an american but often I'm on early enough to be european. 

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Hey guys, If your still open I wish to join you since I heard from my friend JornTheFirst that you guys are epicly kind, just like me... I think :P

My ign is Shamolay, I'm 15 and live in the UK, although I won't be on much till two weeks from now because of various mock exams after I'll be on for 7-ish hours per week, if not more :3

I look forward to the possibility of joining you folks, hopefully I get in :D

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