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[1.6.4][Endercrusaders][PvE][20slots][Whitelist][Ender Crusades]

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  • Hey, Are you in need of a good server to play on? Are you tired of griefers stealing your diamonds? Well never again will that happen, Here at EnderCrusades we are a community based server that supports players and wants them to have a good time. Now i suppose your wondering whats the difference between our community and other communities, well I'll tell you, but first let me tell you about this other amazing deal right now!... Just kidding, to tell you the truth the only difference between our community and others is, We don't have that system of noobs to hardcore players on our server, everyone works together even the admins work with the players, all to give it that nice feeling of "wow, I'm tight with these people" if you know what I'm talking about. Welcome, to Ender Crusades. so why don't you get the Modpack here : http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/endercrusades.288126 and Come join us at :
  • Ruels
  • Have fun
  • Don't kill millinaire npc's unless they're bandits or raiding your town.
  • Other npc's are fine to kill
  • No griefing
  • No PvP without both persons consent ( you and your opponent)
i!i!iPLEASE DO NOT TAKE DOWN MILLINAIRE HOUSESi!i!i it spams the console with errors.     This Modpack can only be described as castle crashers meets civilization.       uptime is 24/7 and were proud of it.       were looking for players of a community not just a "go off on your own and forget everybody else" type of person but someone who interacts with the other players in a positive way and wants to help out and absolutely NO GRIEFERS.       Apply to get Whitelisted at : http://enderworld.enjin.com/profile/1130710       Here is some pictures of the server so you can get a feel for it2014-03-01_23.52.24.png2014-03-01_23.52.35.png2014-02-28_15.58.53.png2014-02-26_20.36.24.png       There is a waiting period of up to 10 or so days so don't expect an immediate response.   Edited by TwistedKiss97
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