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Limited time of playing before Minecraft freezes.


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I have been able to play Attack of the B-team for about 15 minutes before the game freezes and I am forced to quit the game.  I have tried allocating memory to the game and I have gone up to 3GB of Ram.

Any suggestions would be a great help.


Thanks for the help.

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Weird, please post a crashlog (if it gives you one) to the tracker, and in game when you press F3 it should tell you how much RAM it's actually using and allocated in the top right of the screen, please post those numbers there (or a screenshot of the debug screen open) too.


You should find links to all of that in my sig.

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A crash report isn't created when the game crashes, it just starts the launcher again like nothing happened.  The screen freezes and in the window it says (not responding), and the game will remain like this until I try exiting out.  I then asks if I want to wait for the program to respond or close the program.  If I wait for the program to respond, nothing happens, when I close the program, a window opens with a progress bar saying that Windows is looking for a solution to the problem. After a second the game quits and the launcher opens again.


When I press F3 when playing, it says:


Used memory: 25% to 35% (745MB) of 2731MB

Allocated memory: 45% (1233MB)


To allocate memory I entered "-Xmx3G" in JVM Arguments in the profile editor in the lancher instead of -Xmx1G.

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That's a good amount of memory Gamer, if anything a little high (I just wanted to make sure it was being properly allocated, I've seen a few problems recently where people have assigned say 3GB only to have it limited to 512MB - one today even!).  It's definitely not that.


Can you paste the launcher log in the tracker, then? (put it on pastebin or something and put the link on the tracker)

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