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It's random, it's crazy, it's a story worth telling. (AotBT)


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Hello guys,

As I am a new to these forums but not new to mods I think I'll start of my first few posts with a fun little thread.

Basically, share your stories, funniest moments, saddest times etc. below and read about everyone elses, it's simple!!!

I'll start this thread off with my story, feel free to layout yours however you want!



Luck of the Morph - A story with a lot of luck.


So, I just spawned into a new world right into a river next to a grove, I swam up and immediately saw a bat, I screamed with excitement and began a good minutes chasing until I finally killed it and got its morph, I could fly within 5 minutes of spawning into a new world, what a joy!




So, there's mine, quite short but very lucky.

Can't wait to hear your's, so comment, like and share your story! :D

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so, planter is done. Harvester is made, okay, time to make some tree fa-

*siren alarm*

What the...? where? where? ooooooohhhh that looks... close.



Too close.


*looks at the map*

phew! it's gone. it's over...

*checks map again*

what the fff.... It'S COMING ROUND AGAIN!!!!


Tornados' path on map. It did a roundabout and crossed my base twice.



Most of my cows, chicken and sheep are gone. A few remained. Oddly enough my tiny automatic wheat farm remained. So did my machines and chests. It didn't take my bookshelf or enchant table, but it did take the planks beneath them. Overall my base is intact and the landscape got roughed up.

I'm glad I made that tornado sensor and alarm, or else I might not have noticed that tornado until it was too late. It even dragged me inside the house while I was in bat morph

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I can think of a couple of exciting, and surprising experiences;


The first one was when I was trying to build my coven, I'd collected a bunch of "potions of the grotesque" to hand off to a witch I'd met (the only one I'd found at that point), and was going through my inventory to find them.

The weather was terrible, and I'd flown my broom into a biome where it seemed especially dark at nighttime.  The storm seemed to get louder, and louder.

"That's odd.."  I thought to myself, and I glanced out the windows of the witches hut.  Nothing..  Hm.  I went back to my inventory.

The noise continued to get louder.

"What the hell?"  I said to myself, bemused, and strolled like an idiot straight out the front door to have a proper look.

I got to see the tornado coming over the back of the house a fraction of a second before it picked me up and threw me.  Threw me hard.  Morph was off because of some issues I'd had with portals, so in my human form the idea of the impending ground was a real concern.

Fortunately, as I went up I clipped the eaves on the side of the hut, and ended up getting thrown sideways along the ground into a hole with a small cave at one end.  I crawled into the hole and probably whimpered a bit.  I hid there for a while.

When I came out, I did have the presence of mind to take a screenshot (this was my first tornado experience!) as it drifted off over the ocean, but I never saw that witch again.



You can see me standing by the witch hut on the map, and the hole I fell in a little to the north.  I'm still stunned at this point. (I've upped the brightness a lot in this pic with photoshop, it was unbelievably dark, I must've been on moody lighting)



The second one was earlier in the b-team, morph was on but the server had only been up a few days, if that.  I'd opened up my base near the spawn to newcomers so people could use things like the smeltery and tool forges to make their getting started a little easier.

I was making alumite, carefully picking out the appropriate mixture, when out of nowhere I started getting hurt!  I panicked, closed the inventory and pulled out my sword.

A Zombie got in!  Damn players, they need to learn to close doors behind them.  That could've been a creeper!

I went for it.  It was surprisingly tough, fought back like hell, but I got it.

Loader has killed <nameredacted>

Wait, what?

<nameredacted>: Why did u kill me?!!!  I was fightin a bat

Oh.. Ooooh.... So it turns out someone had seen a bat when going to use the smeltery, and not looking a gift-horse in the mouth, attacked it to get the morph (that bat would be me).  Me, seeing myself getting attacked by a zombie (ah, the beauty of automatically switching to taken forms) responded exactly how anyone could be expected to.


That was my first B-Team kill, the unfortunate result of mutual confusion.  I turned the auto-form switch off after that.

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And alas my tale is of a lost Cleaver... I was prancing through my Nether Fortress hunting down Wither Skeletons, clearing out my inventory of random items I'd gathered, when I dropped my amazing Cleaver into the lava lakes below!

This Cleaver was made of Cobalt and Manyullyn, and had Moss, Life Steal, Beheading, Luck and Sharpness. Ah, it was my favourite Cleaver, it could kill any mob in 1 hit after getting a Strength boost.


Now I've remade it (albeit rather badly... I hate my new one) and it's fully Manyullyn. I want to recreate my old one simply because I was attached :(

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Interesting little fun story that has happened to me.


For some reason the players on my server have given me the role of evil god tyrant since I am the creator of the server. I never asked for it, nor am I evil. I just happen to shoot ahead of everyone before they had a chance because I had prior experience with B-Team and my fellow denizens happen to, rather unceremoniously, experience first hand witchery because they had no idea what a taglock was.

One person happened to wise up to witchery. They created a poppet and somehow got my taglock but didn't know what to do with the voodoo poppet doll. So they were fiddling with it and it just so happened that they figured out how to toss me around...now needless to say I did not inform them of their newfound power so I proceeded along my merry little way......getting tossed every once and a while, no big deal because like I said..they weren't aware of what they were doing and I kept my silence.

Crap a tornado, run for it! Yet I cant run....Instead....I am tossed into the tornado which happens to be in a rather terrible biome which then flings me out of it, into a hole which is down to bedrock and filled with lava.....

A rather unpleasant day and the individual who tossed me into the tornado with the voodoo doll had no idea of the feat they just accomplished.

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First story:  I had just found a new white listed server, the perfect place I was looking for.  Still there and quite happy with my fellow servites.  I logged in for the first time into the humble spawn area (it's new so quite under developed so far) and right above me is a tornado!  Wow!  In the tornado is a bat!  One of my comrades just spinning around getting tossed about!! First experience with AOTBT and first tornado, all within 20 seconds!!


Second: After some searching I found where to begin my base.  My brother who plays on this server as well, wanted a mountain next to a jungle.  Found a Crag Mountain butted up to a jungle: PERFECT!  I start tunneling inside to begin collecting materials.  Behind me, the server owner shows up.  He starts smacking me with his sword!!!  I scream "HEY, what's up?!?!?."  "Oh, sorry," he replies, "Saw a bat and still haven't gotten that morph!"


Third: My brother and I take on our first Wither.  I had been preparing for this.  I made a cleaver with high attack and beheading (and some other mods).  I have the fly gene, my brother is a bat.  The Wither is agro to him so he's dodging around while I am beating on the Wither.  Suddenly, he darts in front of me and I one hit slash his neck and pop his head clean off!!!  He hadn't even taken damage from the Wither yet!! Now his head hangs in our entryway to our base!

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