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Most disturbing game you have ever played


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Edit: When making your choice, please explain it like people don't know the game the game at all.


My pick is something a little unorthodox. I have played horror and other games that aim to disturb, but this game was not intended for that, and the reason for its disturbing quality is something most people overlook. 


X-Com Enemy Within


This is a wonderful expansion to the game X-Com Enemy Unknown, a turn based strategy game. I'm sure many people have played it before. One of the key differences between the two games is the addition of a second enemy faction, EXAULT. This enemy is introduced midway into the first half of the game. They are terrorists attempting to use the alien invasion as a distraction while they take over the world. The Counsel, a group of world leaders funding the X-Com project, assign X-Com to deal with the "traitors". This comes after fighting off the alien hord for a good few months to protect humanity.


There's my scrape with the game. You have fought for the very survival of the human race, for every human life on Earth. To suddenly have to turn around and target the very people your men have fought and died for is a scary thought. As the Commander you have sent good men and women to die for the greater good, and here these terrorists try to back stab the guardians of humanity, and you have to kill them for it. 


After fighting for all of humanity for so long, making massive sacrifices for the greater good; who could turn around and kill their fellow kin with such a cold heart? This game draws the line of humanity, then crosses it with cold logic.


There is no choice, no option. You have to kill the people you would die for.

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this thread was just perfectly made for me, tailored to my inner need to put this annoying rant in my head out in the open.


Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

You are a pirate that turned assassin. It's a third-person, shooting and swordfighting game with a delicate combat system that will grip you on your toes every time. You can climb trees and walls, those that are climb-able of course, running on rooftops to hunt your prey and finish him with gorgeous finishing moves. You have to be aware that the AI guards are more clever than your average RPG game. They will take notice if you start jumping rooftop to rooftop, especially on guarded houses.

When spotted doing suspicious things you either have the choice to kill guards (which isn't wise when you are outnumbered) or hide in bushes/ haystacks or hide amongst the crowd or hire prostitutes to distract the guards. These are elements that sorely lacked in other RPG games I've played and it really immerses you in the game.

Besides the assassinations and avoiding guards in towns you also have your ship! Yes, a ship that you command, steer and shoot cannonballs on enemy ships.


There are so many small details I could go in to why I love this game. But that's not what this thread is for. I'm gonna point at the elephant in the room, the one everyone forgot to mention on game trailers and reviews.

After you progressed on the story at the beginning you will suddenly be PLUGGED out of the game and be introduced to your co-worker, congratulating you for testing their product!

- oh, you didn't think this was for real? You are just playing a S-I-M-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. The character you are playing is a memory that we have extracted. You are a test subject who are testing our game product.




Who the hell does this??? I was just getting immersed in this fan-fucking-tastic game and all of a sudden I'm being pulled out temporarily like a Matrix dude and being shown around a high-tech company, with images of the very piracy-themed world I was enjoying a moment ago on the walls, greeting other co-workers who asks what simulation I'm playing.

- oh he's playing Edward.

- the pirate? ha ha! aarggh! matey... aarrg!


Then they take me - during this time I'm always on first-person and can't do much besides pulling a console forth and being an awkwardly silently walking guy who follows a woman co-worker around - to my workdesk where I once again can don the helmet and goggles to re-plug myself to the pirate world I was briefly taken away from.


It's a lie. Everything I do in this pirate world is a lie. Why the fuck did they do this? Is all AC games like this?

I have only played this game for a few hours so hopefully I wont have to go through this again.

The game is still beautiful, the AI engaging and the world alive. But it's all a simulation.... ugh!

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Silent hill.

I played that game 16 years ago and radio static still creeps me out.


Typical survival horror setup, lone person exploring town trying to find loved one while fighting off monsters. But very well written and for technical reasons they cranked up the fog so visibility was 10ft at most. So to give advanced warning the character finds a broken radio that emits white noise static when a monster approaches, though it does not give an indication of which direction.

Probably didn't help that I played through in my darkened dorm room.

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You know what's disturbing? Those little people throwing up all over my beautiful new paths in Roller Coaster Tycoon. I mean, seriously! They just ate my high quality, resonably priced, healthy food that I generously sold to them at my ingeniously layed out food court and then they just had to ride the "Most Nausiating Ride in the Country" immediately after finishing!?! People should eat on the way out... oh, wait. I put a NO ENTRY banner over the exit. Whoops.

Oh, and yes. RCT2 is the most disturbing game I've played.

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Legend of Zelda Majora's mask

why? just look up....just look up....and see this moon come crashing into the earth stopping all time.

also, that part were you


fight death in the stone tower temple.


Plus the theory that maybe link is dead throughout the game? there are plenty of other dark elements in it past the cheerful nintendo game. That happy masks salesman... 


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