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People cant connect to my server


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@ mindlessdream - why did you recommend them to download uTorrent?


Because my vanilla server won't let people connect if utorrent isn't running with the listening port to 25565, so I assumed it's the same with Attack of the B-Team. Apologies, guess that's not how it works here.

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Ah, lol :D


Ok, what's happened is uTorrent supports something called upnp - it's contacting the router and organizing the port forwarding from the router to your computer on port 25565.  If you set up port forwarding, you won't need to do this.


That's genius in a way - I don't think I'd have ever thought of that.



If you can do it without uTorrent on it's better because you don't have multiple programs listening on the port (uTorrent will receive those minecraft packets too, and will try to interpret them before dropping them, there's a little bit of CPU and network cost related to that).

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