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Thermal Expansion Tutorial!


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Great Guide for us newbies u explained everything rather simple there (also subbed)


So to say i wanted to create a automated farm would u suggest this:-


Animal farm for the  sewage system to create fertilizer thats sending fertilizer to a fertlizer machine that as a planter and harvester for the trees leading to some redstone furnaces not sure how many any suggestions ?

that feeds the charcoal to 2 steam dynamo set ups that as another animal farm with a energy cell powering the planter harvster fertlizer breeder and the 1 that moves the babies do u think this could contiously run by using this ?


Also the Thermal Expansion Itemducts do these require redstone torches to work unless they have that servo thing in them ?

Also is it Blue=Inserting items and Red=Extracting items ?

And will these work with the MFR machines ?


Cause due to no matter how many videos i view i seem to still always struggle with how people acctually explain this mod no 1 ever seems to make it clear to someone who is brand new to this mod (which probaly 95% of people looking for a guide are probaly just that lol)


One last thing when u are set in a world with numerous number of ores do you continue with the smeltry or do u use thermal expansion as the way you process the ores ?

If you use Thermal Expansion if you dont mind could you put together a few ore production set ups

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It's worth noting that it has to be netherrack in the lava crucible - most materials will take more energy to make lava than they'll give back for the lava being used in a magma dynamo.


The reactant dynamo doesn't give any more power for using a better reactant item, it just lasts longer between items - so a bucket of energized glowstone and a stack of sugar will give the same total energy as a stack of nether stars, but you'll use up a bunch of sugar and the nether star will still last a bunch more buckets before it starts to use up the next one.


I'd love to see one that goes through the synergies specifically in this modpack - how to use it alongside MFR with a bioreactor or grinder and mob essence.

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