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Infinite Iron


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It seems to be a bug with the sledge, it drops the iron like usual for blockbreaking but because it's broken the top bit of a door the door still drops - diamond version means it'll do this 80% of the time (the rest of the time it'll drop just the door).  The sledge also only sorta takes durability loss (one of them seems to have done, but the other two in this picture haven't taken any - I'm not sure why one did and they all seem to have stopped taking damage now).


You can build a machine like this (this is me testing it just now) but I've gotta be honest - I never really had a problem with iron.



(Machines on top using the sledge, machines on bottom receiving and replacing doors, hoppers to catch the junk and seal it so it doesn't go everywhere)

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Can't get it working, it seems like it breaks but it just stays unbroken.


A very strange bug indeed, it works fine with a slegde that i use but the autonomous activater does not work with the slegde.

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Yeah iron has never been an issue for me either, I came back from a mining trip with 6 stacks of ore, which translated to over 150 blocks of iron after putting it through my smeltery.

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