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Hi im not sure if this goes on this forum or on the Servers forum but here goes.

Im having a hell of a time disabling the right click on a couple of items and i cant for the life of me find a plugin that fixs my issue. I started my server a day ago and it just went public and i have a couple banned items id like to get off my banned items list because i dont see them being banned on other servers. So i was wondering if there is a plugin that exists that will allow me to Disable the right clicking of these items because they can grief protected areas. 

1. Needle Gun (Can bypass protections by putting various blocks/water/lava on the ground when you shoot it)

2. Hammer (Lets player make statues out of any block even if the block is in spawn or safezone. 

3. All of the witchery potions like Erosion which can be used to greif. 


Now i dont want to ban right and left click globally i want to just disable right and left clicking within certain areas. Any help is much appropriated and if you can give me the link to the plugin that would be amazing


Server IP:

Plugins:  WorldBorder,Plugman,World edit, ColoredSigns. No PVPLOG, mcore, quick trade, vault, pex, world guard, headdrops, pvp timer, mcdocs,vote roulette, core protect, announcement, sign casino, chest shop, frame protector, clear lag, player vaults, votifier, banitem, essentials, signurls, enjin minecraft plugin, timeismoney, factions, factions plus, factionschat. 


PLZ help meh


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You would need an additional plugin that is able to do this capability. I'm unaware of a plugin to do this however. You could try going on other servers and attempting to get a plugin list (via chat command) to maybe indicate what they do differently and look into them.

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