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And yeah, I am pissed off at you, because in my honest opinion, you guys misuse your moderator powers, and it's really fucking annoying.

So deal with it? I suppose you can start a petition thread to see if people want to vote me out. :ohdear:

Please don't

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And the moderator's always right?

Hmm keep on fighting the good fight and championing for justice! Or you know, just stop to look around in case you've missed a point somewhere.

Ok i feel stupid for asking this, But is hack/mine in a beta or alpha stage or is it the full release because i love the mod but wish to see more!


In an APLHA? You don't say!

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I know i saw it sorry for this post ._.

Oh hey now, we're just joshin' ya. We mean well, honest!

But yeah, its in alpha. The scope of this mod is pretty huge, and its a wonder that it works at all considering its Minecraft core. Right now the ground work is being laid, and eventually Frizzle will start adding in more content.

Just chill out and wait for the magic.

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