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I'm having trouble opening one of my worlds on attack of the b team. I've spent many hours playing on this world for about a week. Just randomly whenever i open the world I have a few seconds until the game crashes, it usually happens after I move the cursor or walk. Whats strange is that there is no crash reports or anything saying about it crashing. Please help because its so annoying and makes me not want to play the game because I'm afraid it will crash and never open again and make me very annoyed and angry. ( I'm not sure if this matters but i have 32 bit java)

After this started happening I've also started a new world and messed around in creative trying the mods and it worked fine and didn't crash. I also haven't messed with the world file at all. I've tried saving the world and deleting attack of the b team then redownloading it and installed the world again and it didn't do anything but crash again. I've also tried restarting my computer. I have a pretty decent computer and have played many modpacks before so i dont think its that the computers to old or has a virus. Thanks for reading and again, if you can please help.

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