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1.0.10b single player?


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I am not too familiar with how the Technic Launcher works.  I'm running build 439 and I have had no problems with my current game


I checked off the Always Use Beta Launcher Builds button a day or two ago.  I have not notcied any updates or additions in the mod packs within my Attack of the B-Team game.


I was curious if I needed to do something else (I have already backed up my Saves directory) to trigger my client to start updating to the 1.0.10b build?


In the past, I've always just wiped out the entire .technic diretory and let the Technic Launcher download the mods.  Is this required to play around with the beta build?

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From the sounds of it, you opted in for the beta launcher builds but not the latest build of the modpacks. Manually selecting the build or marking it to use latest would change this. This is done by the cog icon under the modpack icon.

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Well I did hit the cog, changed the setting to "Always use Beta Launcher Builds" and hit the Save button.  It asked me to close the Technic Launcher and load it again, I did so and it checked the mod...looked like it downloaded something...but it didn't really change the game.


I was curious if I actually deleted the attack-of-the-b-team directory, that would prompt the Technic Launcher to download the Beta version,and I shoudl be able to plug in my Saves directory over top.


I mostly wanted to know if there was something else less drastic I could do to kick the starter into checking the mod versions. ;)

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Beta Launcher Builds are for the launcher only, not the modpacks. There is a cog icon under the modpack logo that deals with what version of the modpack to use. I'll post an image of it in a moment.


Edit: Here's the image showing two potential steps.



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Ahhhhh...sorry dude!!  I just found the other cog!!  Lol!!  I'll change my settings now and see what happens.  Thanks!!


I tried uploading a screen shot in my last message but this forum doesn't seem to allow images.


Thanks for your patience.  I didn't notice that little cog, I was focusing mostly on the one that probably is for updating the Technic Launcher itselt...not the mod packs.


Thanks again.

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