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Modular powersuits elite battery issue


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I have used modular power suits many times before on previous versions of tekkit and FTB, but have come across a (bug?) that me and my friend are having on 1.2.8e with the elite battery. We have on installed on the legs with kinetic generator, and we have tinkered the elite battery up to IC teir 3 and 5MJ max (10kg weight) however, the battery is not holding above 500kJ and the power bar shows full. We have no other batteries installed anywhere on the suit, and elite batteries are meant to give MINIMUM 750kJ.... anyone know how I can raise the capacity? We have tried adjusting the slider many times, but to no avail.





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mouse over the leggings and it'll probably say it's holding 500K/500K.  This is due to a value error between the tinker table and the actual item.  Either way, the amount it is holding is the value you go by, not what the tinker table says.  where as the tinker table says the minimum value for an elite battery is 750K, on say, a pair of leggings, the actual minimum value is 75K.

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