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Hexxit mild role play server



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  1. 1. Are you interested in a mild roleplay hexxit server?

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    • No
    • possibly, if the following where to be added (leave suggestion in the comments)

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this isnt a sever advertisment, just a way to gather interest and ideas.


would anyone be interested in a mild role play hexxit server? this would include empires, alligances between empires, wars between empires. empirical teritory, co-ordinated raids. towns with stores, road ways between towns/empires, and so forth.


i am currently considering buying a hexxit server, but i want gage interest before i purchase it. this server would be whitelisted- applicants only alowed to join after completing a sign up forum. it would also include some plugins- not many, but a few- such as something like towney (but without the grief prevention- basicly just as a way to let people know who's town/empire they are in, and chest shops).


there would be no fancy spawn, no central store, the currancy would be emeralds. store would only be permitted in claimed lands.


each town/empire would be encouraged to keep a history of their origins (i remember last time i did this, i recorded everything from the founding of my empire to ever raid and major battle).


thoughts? ideas?


if there is enough interest, i will purchase and set up the server imediatly, and post a link to the server's advertisement in this thread.

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I like the idea of an RP server...but not in the format suggested.  Open PvP in my experience almost always takes away from the actual RP assuming thats what your going for.  If I read that wrong and its not meant to be like that I'd happily apologize and change my vote, but the way it sounds like it was suggested it doesnt sound like it would be very successful.

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