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Semi-Automatic Liquid Pump System


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This is a quick way to collect large amounts of any liquid using the mods in Attack of the B-Team. The modpack doesn't have any built in pumps so I came up with a quick way to collect a lot of lava for easy energy.

It can really work with any liquid though. You can clear out a pond of sewage or large areas of water quickly!

I know it's not game changing or anything, but I thought some people would find it useful. Let me know what you think!

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Calling this a pump is a bit misleading, but instead is creatively using the player interface to unload buckets. This is great to get rid of liquids in large quantities but requires a lot of materials to make this viable and is by no means an early or mid-game thing. Another issue with this is its only set up for one liquid, in order to get this to work with multiple liquids would mean multiple of these setup or additional systems in place to then sort the liquid from this storage system.

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Kalbinition, you are absoultely right.

However, I personally looking for anyway to somewhat efficiently (or even automatically) way get lava from the Nether to the overworld for power production. So far this is the most automated way. But then again, I am sure there must be other good and efficient ways.

I wish the nether pump would be implemented ;)

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Automated sure, but it's also a fairly lategame (you need to be able to get wither stars) solution, and it's more of a time saver/convenience/curiosity at that point than really that useful.


Still cool though.




You use it in reverse and have it fill empty buckets with lava from a tank in the nether you filled up earlier?  What could you do with an effectively unending source of lava buckets?  (or actually unending if you've got lava fabs on the other end with enough power generation)

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