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EXCEPT ACCESS VIOLATION repeating annoying error

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This is an ingame bug that occurs when starting up Minecraft. I cannot get past the Mojang screen due to it. I had been playing minecraft for an hour without any issues when this started happening so I am unsure what brought it on. It happens 10/10 times when starting Tekkit. I expect to be able to play the game but instead the screen closes and the launcher comes back up. The error I get can be found here: http://pastebin.com/jwU2KMmel I have tried to update my Java so I am now on Java 8 (latest) and all other drivers are up to date. 

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That modpack appears to have been abandoned in favor of a new pack, and all I'm seeing on said new pack is Server Down, maker owner not responding/non-existent


Tried to run a fresh download but java can't even start a VM, might be the pack, might be because he uses dropbox (very bad idea)

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