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Marble Stairs and the Chisel Mod questions


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I'm trying to figure out this Modpack and not having a lot of luck. I'm trying to create Marble Stairs. Seems simple enough. I look at the NEI for a crafting recipe to find that there are infact Marble Stairs. I try to craft them and get nothing. I have Marble, but it's not "Raw Marble". I can't find any info on Raw Marble at all not to mention a lack of documentation for the Chisel mod as well.


I found the entry on the MinecraftForums.com site, but there is nothing there. I created a Chisel and right clicked. I see that is for changing the look of a single block of marble. I can't smelt the Marble.


I'm completely stumped.


Is there a centralized knowledgebase of info for this Modpack to make learning the mods easier? That would be ideal.



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OK, so even though I can use all the "Chisel" based Marble Stairs I want in Creative, there is no process to convert Artifice Marble to "Chisel" based Marble.


I'm not a huge fan of Carpenter blocks. Sure, they can do some amazing things but if you accidentally right click on one with a block in your hand, you totally mess up that block and have to break it out and place it back with the block it was.


I made my first structure out of Carpenter blocks after seeing BdoubleO100 show off their power. I then started placing blocks inside the structure and found the block I thought I was placing next to a wall as a panel on the wall instead. After I did this several times, i just broke all my wall blocks and placed the actual block as the walls instead of the Carpenter block/Brick walls.


Maybe it's possible to use a chisel on that block to restore it to what it was. I don't know. I have changed my front door several times to something other than the Obsidian I am currently using. I have also messed up my bed in the same way.


I guess I should go back to creative and do some more experimentation...

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OK, I got it now. I didn't realize what I could do with the Chisel interface once it was on the screen. I thought I had to have a placed block in order to use it.


A whole new world has opened up for me now! :)


Thanks millions!

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