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Hexxit screen flip mod request


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So if you have a mac, you probably know about the screen flip caused by hexxit and how you can fix it with full screen. My problem is that the lower part of my screen is broken and I can't do full screen. I'm saving up for a new computer now, but in the meantime, if there was a minecraft screen orientation mod, or if someone could make one, I would greatly appreciate it. (I can't imagine it would be too complicated, as whoever made hexxit apparently did it on accident)




PS: I know there's a modder section, but I'm not sure wether it's supposed to be used for requests. I am however confident that this is related to hexxit, so I decided to post it here. If it belongs somewhere else, an admin can move it.




EDIT: It occurs to me that if I knew what part of hexxit was causing the problem, I could probably remove it (If it wasn't too major) So if you could tell me that, it would work too.

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The Mac and java is what causes the upside down minecraft screen, there's no mod for the game that can fix that.


Get the Mavericks update for your OS X. That fixes the problem permanently

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Wait, Mavericks is an update? I thought it was a PC emulator or something. In that case...




Okay on the apple page Under "Mac models compatible with mavericks" is says 

"iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)"

Mine is late 2006...

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