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Invincibility Glitch Sync Mod


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I can't find any fix for this.


I died on my server (I can't remember whether I was a clone or my real self at the time, pretty sure I was a clone) and ever since I have not been able to take damage, not even from block suffocation or starvation.

When I died, I could tell something was wrong because it did the Sync mod character switching camera trick twice and it was all very buggy. I didn't lose my Advanced Genetics traits either.

I assume I have to delete my player.dat but is there anyway other than deleting my .dat to fix this? I don't want to lose all of my map waypoints and morphs etc. Anyone know exactly what I will lose by deleting my .dat? (I know how to preserve in-game items and genetic traits)

Also, if I have to, do I delete server side or client side or both?

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Hello SpoonsV! you will lose everything associated with your character, the lockboxes or tesseracts (for example) and clones should work after as they are still waiting for and locked to your name.


Count on losing: Enderchest contents, Knapsack contents, inventory and Genes. 


Empty the Knapsack and enderchest, take a sample of your blood and drop it in a chest for your return.


You will need to remove the .dat file from where the world folder is located (on the server) />World>players>yourfilehere.dat


I'd suggest simply renaming your file, so if you wish to go backward you can always just erase the new one, and properly name the old one once more.

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theres a easyer way to fix this, we had this problem with using the sync mod for our pvp arena, what we had to do was remake a new shell, switch shells and Kill your old shell, this bug seams to happen if your original body is killed wile your in a shell, will up date when i play with it more BUT! please Read Tracker Guildlines and Rules and this should be Posted in the Bug Tracker

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