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Corrupted Hexxit Worlds


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I have had a Hexxit world in the past that was really great. I had almost everything in the game, built a great base, etc. unfortunately, the world somehow got corrupted, and I couldn't use it any longer. I was really upset, so I started a new world, and it was going good. It was better than the last one BY FAR, and I was really happy with it. today, 5/31, I was playing on the world all day, working on my house/base. it is later in the evening I try to go back on it, and it is corrupted. it wouldn't load properly, and it would just say " shutting down internal server" whenever I tried to load the world. if this is a bug, PLEASE FIX!!! If this is just my luck, please help me try to figure out how to fix the world if possible. I hate working on worlds for months, and have then crash when I'm not even finished (BTW, these two worlds mentioned are the only two worlds that I have built a big house/base, and have had most of the items in the game, if it helps). Please reply, and leave this thread open for discussion.

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include the logs with the report

Error logs can be found when clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window.
If you can't open the launcher the logs can also be found inside %appdata% -> Roaming -> .technic -> logs

Paste the content on pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com and give the link.

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