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Can't Reach Server


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I was trying to set up my own AotBT server, but after I add a new server with my IP, it always says "Can't reach server". I have heard about problems like this being fixed by forwarding ports or something, but I haven't been able to understand any of that. If that is the problem, please try to give me a simplified and thorough explanation of what to do.




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there isn't a very simple explanation for how to forward ports, mostly because it is different for almost any given router and is a rather technical thing in general.  your best bet would be to first, find your router then, google the make/model along with "port forward".
the thing to know is that the default minecraft server port is 25565, that's the port you'll want to be forwarding to your PC.


lastly, there's no need to sign your posts. please read the global rules linked below.

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