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Issues with Multiplayer

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Hi! I'm having issues with my modpack joining servers. It says "Bad Login" everytime or if it doesn't, then it just takes me back to the login screen. I talked with the owner of the server, I have the correct IP and I logged into my regular Minecraft launcher and closed it out, then reopened my Tekkit launcher. I tried redownloading to no avail. Please help! It's pretty annoying.


On the site note, I built a Tardis that is bigger on the inside on a singleplayer world!



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Bad Login means your login token expired. 99% of the time this means you relaunched the technic launcher ( or any launcher ) with auto-login while you had the client open. This causes the client you have running to no longer have a valid login token thus resulting in a bad login. Close down minecraft and the any launcher then restart minecraft.

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