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Fun Things For Beginners

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My wife and I have recently created our own Attack of the B-Team server after playing a little bit of Tekkit. So far, we've done the basics: mined the hell out of the area, built a house, set up a smeltery, and forged some tools with better alloys. We know there's a lot more to it, but aren't really sure where to begin or dive in. Can we get some suggestions as to fun things to do for newbies and suggestions to get the most out of this mod pack?


Also, are there any texture packs that are compatible with this or do we need to stick with the default?

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Get involved with Tinker's Construct right away. The tools you can make help out a ton with your daily minecraft chores. I would read up a bit on how to setup a smeltry and what each tool does.


If you do start on Advanced Genetics do not add any upgrades to the DNA Breeder as it will cause crashes.

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Tinkers construct. Thats the first thing you should do. 


Then try to kill a bat for early flight. This is useful in building and mining.


Then do thermal expansion. This will help to make better item/liquid storage, and energy to...


Make a renewable energy tree farm+steam dynamo set up with MFR.


Get a way into mfr, for food, crops, etc.


Once you are far along, make a laser drill with a big source of power. Optionally, make a setup to process the ores made.


Then start witchery. This is best started last as it uses up a lot of  stuff and doesn't directly pay for itself.


At this point, you can branch out into as ships, food+, necromancy, etc. 


Remember you can do whatever you want between these steps and adjust at will.


:) hope this helps

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As of right now, I've built new tools with tinkers' construct (using a Manyullyn Hammer/Excavator that I made from repeated nether trips), got a full-on smeltery that is 30 blocks tall, set up a steam dynamo, pulverizer, and induction smelter, and flown around as a ghast. My wife's currently setting up the biggest raspberry farm I've ever seen. Not sure how to get into advanced genetics or witchery...or make a ship.

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Your going to want to go to tropicraft and get some "block o head" then make a mix drinker with it. Go punch/chop some of the fruit trees in tropicraft and get some sugar cane. Go back home and make a small building. Put your drink mixer in it and mix up some drink mixes. It will keep you entertained for a few hours the entire process I mean.


Second if you want a real challenge you will want to set up a portal to "the promise land". I haven't done it yet but it is something that would take a long while.


A third thing to do that is somewhere in the middle of the two in terms of speed and time consumption is the Galacticraft mod. That one takes a while to get started but it has many many things to do once you get it set up like making a space station and terraforming space.


Also you could build some hang gliders. Go to the highest altitude and equip them then race and see who can travel the farthest.

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