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Having a crashing issue with Machinist's Workbench


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Hell of a first post i know. but reently on a new world i started, i placed down my Machinist's Workbench and tried to use it, immediately when i try to setup a configuration of what i would like to craft (in this case some parts for a reactor.) it immediately crashes teh client and goes back to the technic launcher. i've tried adding items to its inventory space removing some etc, putting a blank schematic in to be written toa nd the game runs fine from there, but it seems every time i try to setup a schematic of any kind it will crash the client. i've monitored my computers resources (just to be sure it wasnt the issue) and i barely spike 50% usage of anything when i do this.


found the crash log. http://pastebin.com/5b6aQ2q1

this is for my main world in single player, i tried it in a older creative map as well same issue


things i've tried so far:

Resetting the Tekkit Pack on the main launcher

Reacquired the thermal expansion .jar

tried a different map

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