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How low can you go! ( with lasers)


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So I have stepped up my carbon footprint and have upgraded to laser drills for mining. I was showing this off to a server friend, and he asked me why I have my drills at Y 45 height. I told him because that was just where my underground base happned to be and where I placed them. He procedded to tell me that the higher they are, the more ore you get. After some searching, I was able to find sparatic mention of y= 128 height to be the best for them. But those posts were more than 6 months to a year old. and I could find no mention of it in the wiki's. Has this been changed/removed? Or am I just derping up my returns by having them in my underground?

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Placing them higher is only recommended for the cosmetic effect. Because of, you know, layzors.


A quick way to get the bedrock exposed for a planned Laser Drill is temporarily placing a Mining Well where the Drill is going to be. It's basically a 1x1 Quarry. Won't help you when there is lava in the way, I think.

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Isn't there a power consumption difference with altitude?


Yes, the info of your link is correct and correspond with the current source code, the best power efficiency is at 128 blocks above bedrock, this provides a maximum of 20% power efficiency gain.

Too bad :( well, I'm not gonna change my drill placements now anyway.


Edit: Link to the relevant source code line

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I tested this in current tekkit 1.2.9e and verified that it relates to how high the laser drill is above the bedrock block under the laser drill, not necessarily height above normal bedrock level.


When I extended my reactor down, I quarried down to bedrock and had placed my laser drill under the reactor at somewhere between level 40-45. It produced one block every 14 seconds. When I moved the laser drill to level 129 (just to make sure it was high enough) it produced a block every 11 to 12 seconds. When someone with admin privileges placed a bedrock block 2 blocks below the laser that was at level 129, it consistently took 15 seconds per block.


Conclusion: The laser drill beam has to be around 128 blocks long to get the efficiency gain. If you try to get rid of the deadly laser beam with a laser drill in the sky and a bedrock block right underneath it, you do not get the efficiency gain. So I put glass panels around my laser beam to avoid bumping into it when jetpacking around or up in the sky to check the laser drill.

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Not to my knowledge. But you could opt to place a block of Bedrock in creative mode. Which would count as cheating, I guess.

I think the Moon + Planets have regular Bedrock layers, so you may want to Drill there. Didn't try it yet myself, but it would be interesting to learn what the Drill actually brings up when placed there.

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Laser drills do not need bedrock as of MFR 2.6.1 (2.7.8 is current as of Tekkit 1.2.9d/e)





  • Changed: Conveyor renders closer to the ground so it no longer looks like it's levitating
  • Changed: Laser Drill work cost is configurable
  • Changed: Laser Drill can fire into the void
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