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How do i get a Forum username change?

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Why did you choose this forum to post this?

Why would you want to go from a semi-decent name to an absolutely terrible name?

This exactly. I mean, you could always make a new account and ditch this one but... you'd be exchanging a relatively original name, for something bland with a bunch of numbers in it.

People judge you by your forum name. Right now they see "nolanrae" and identify it as a name, which can be associated with actual qualities.

looking at "guitarmaniac1055" or whatever, all we get from that is "gee, i bet he likes guitars."

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How do i ask an op because i really want this to be changed i actually find it quite disrespectful

The mods are the ones laughing you, and the one who actually changed it is the top of the totem pole. You're barking up the wrong tree.

You know what they say: ask a stupid question, get a stupid name change.

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Re: 420: Duuuuuuuuuuuude. Like......dude. Somebody call Cheech Marin, man.

Re: physical disabilities: If you are serious, then you should embrace the Internet as a place where physical diabilities don't exist, rather than allow them to continue to affect you. If you are just trying to play for sympathy, ha, and get bent.

By the way, five days a week I work paratransit, driving around people with way more wrong with them than you, and they give way less of a fuck about life and fairness than you seem to. I really hope you're just young, and you'll grow out of it.

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I dunno. The guitar thing isn't working for me. Shouldn't he be called Smokey McPots?

You're getting it -very- easy here. I'd quit while you're ahead.

And this is me being... nice?

Fuck. What's wrong with me?

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