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Just got the modpack. Excited to play but have no idea what to do.


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Hello everyone, as the title suggests I am new to this modpack and have no idea what to do.  If ya'll would be kind enough I would appreciate any tips on getting started as well as anything useful you think I should know.

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Hi John827,


The main thing to do is setting up the basic ^^ (food, storage, energy, etc...) obvious... and for the rest it's mainly depends on what kind of guy you are : Builder, technician, adventurer, fighter, etc...

But your not the only one to ask such things on the forum so there is some post that could help you to find your way.

Here some example :


Curunir answer in "ENERGY GENERATION" topic

.... and many more


This are some examples but there is then a lot to read in Tekkit Discussion Forum about specific things, if you sort out all the post that have nothing to do here  :havlat:


In any case , if you need help , doesn't hesitate to come here and ask nicely we will be glad to help you.


edit : Removed broken funny link that was leading to a post where someone get banned to have used irrelevant language and wasn't really a nice fellow.

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Your last link does not lead where it says it would lead, Miro. But funny nonetheless.


Welcome to Tekkit, John. Be prepared for some learning, as quite a few of those mods are complicated. Make sure to have a look at Miro's links, and feel free to ask specifics if something is confusing.

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Bear in mind that the wiki currently available is slightly out of date although most of the material is current. I tend to rely more on a mod author's actual site for information if it's any help.

I agree, but also bear in mind that wiki's update is the responsibility of nobody but everyone can update the things with their findings.


Some mod authors are using technicpack wiki as the official one for their mods but not all of them.

So if people have some spare time to update the wiki they are warmly welcome.

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Welcome aboard. Let NEI be your guide and Resonant Ender your goddess.

Build all the Thermal Expansion Machines and try to find out how they work.


Edit: Use the waypoints from the minimap. It's very handy. Mark your world.

If you find oil mark it and return with buckets (or later with a pump) and a tank (or drum), make a refinery and start refining it for fuel. Compression dynamos with fuel and water run very long producing energy. Remember to store your energy.

If you want obsidian at the start use a water bucket in a lava lake and mine it with a mining turtle.

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