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{B-team 1.0.12a!} | Whitelist | Survival | 6 slots opening! | GET FAST |


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So this is a place to sign up for a b-team

please use this format i will check back every hour so if you wanna join please do this .-. (you dont have to)


Age (optional)

Maturity (1-10)  1 for rage alot and 10 for like a classy type.

Summery: So basicly talk about your personality

Why should you join

How long are you on :P

last please dont grief ^^

This isnt the bst application you might have seen but please answer trutefully and please dont grief (there is claim blocks on this server to protect fro that) THere is alot of staff because we were expecting for a large server. Everyone here is nice so please do apply ^^ im forward to seeing all you nice faces out there!

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