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Updating Tekkit Lite

Tekkit Lite update  

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  1. 1. would you like to see tekkit lite updated with bugfixes

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so as most server owners know there is no updates to Tekkit Lite any more at least not by Tekkit staff however Tekkit Lite still has a wide range of bugs and errors, over my course of a server owner I have ran into many fixes some through plugins others through simply updating or changing the mod. simply put i would love to be able to update the mod pack the simple fixes themselves are enough of a reward. so if no one is willing to update Tekkit Lite I might as well do it. (of course this would not add any new mods simply update existing ones).

the fixes:

computer craft(most servers have this mod removed because it crashes servers so easily)

ic2(fixes mining laser and some other greifing tools)

logistics pipes (fixes major crashes)

and some other smaller things


all id like is for Tekkit Lite to be left functional because most server cant use half the mods added due too bugs.

all the best, EXilE

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  • Discord Moderator

Not really sure what you are proposing here. Are you suggesting fixing a couple of the mods inside the Tekkit Lite modpack but keeping the pack at 1.4.7? If so, go right ahead and do it. Make a custom modpack with your changes. If you mean update past 1.4.7 then that's another story altogether.

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well yeah that's the idea just fix the problems and leave tekkit lite at 1.4.7 the problem is getting it official because no one really download sidepacks, updating for 1.5.2 could be possible but honestly would take me alone a good few weeks to do correctly,so i wouldn't do that without being confirmed that my patches/updates wont be in vain

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Hmm, the only thing I have created related to Tekkit Lite is an updated custom modpack for 1.6.4 that I feel could be the spiritual successor to Tekkit Lite. It's called JCLite. I am not affiliated with the Technic group themselves. I am also the person who assembled the Sphax patch for Tekkit Lite that most folks use, but that's not super relevant.

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