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Fuel Loader doesnt work


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Hey guys!


Since the last patch the fuel loader doesnt fill the rocket anymore. It is placed correct, filled with fuel and connected to a power source but still doesnt fill..

What could i do?


Thanks for help!

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Ensure you have met the following:

1) Fuel Loader is attached to Rocket Launch Pad (3x3 multiblock structure)

2) Fuel Loader has fuel in it (top left slot)

3) Fuel Loader has power

4) You used "Load Fuel" button in the Fuel Loader GUI (general user interface, ie: the window that shows when you right-click it)

5) You have a ship on the actual rocket launch pad that needs fuel


Edit: Here's a video demonstrating it works.


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Could you then take a few pictures? Pictures of the entire set-up (including power production) and of the GUI of the machines you're using.


This. Chances are you have something wrong from your previous attempts. Please note that I put the power source on a very specific side for a reason. (since itd be the only side that accepts power)

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