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Controlling reactor with redstone. Advanced ProjectRed gates.


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Hi guys.



I have a yellorium reactor with a redstone port. I need it redstone controlled.

I need it controlled (on/off) depending on the state of 2-3 resonant energy cells (a buffer). When they are empty I want the reactor to start and when they are full - to stop.


For now I've just connected a vanilla comparator to one cell and put a ProjectRed NOT gate to the redstone port.

When the cells drops below 13MRF it starts the reactor an if it goes above this value it stops it again.

For now the change is sudden, the reactor just blinks with power before it gets hot enough and already stopping.

I need a buffer.

In therms of electronic logic gates I need a tekkit equivalent of a Schmitt trigger with hysteresis to activate the reactor when the signal from the cells is low and keep the signal going to the moment the cells (the last one) are full.



Are there any electronic fans here, any engineers maybe?

I think the ProjectRed gates can help here but the positive loopback part with the delay is out of my capabilities.


Can somebody help me with this?


Thinking about some clock with a counter but this needs not to be activated time-dependant but signal (from the full cell) dependant.

The vanilla comparator gives of redstone signal when placed by the cell with the power level depending on the energy cell fulfilment.

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Why not control it from level of buffer in the reactor (redstone port)? When that accumulates power any energy cells attached are fully charged. At first I was pulsing my reactor using mechanical timer and state cell, so when power was needed each pulse would produce power with good efficiency while keeping the temperature down and it would stop when there was a certain amount of power in reactor buffer. Then I rigged up something, so if buffered power dropped below a lower level it would run longer to a higher temperature.


But the clickity click was annoying, so then I started looking at rednet PRC which has many options you can combine with AND or OR and can pulse or run the reactor silently. For example you can run it if buffer is below x AND (temperature is below t OR square wave pulse). Then if it kicks out on temperature the pulse allows it to cool some while maintaining more stable power than if it dropped out altogether on temperature only. But you may want to experiment using the square wave to trigger a pulse with pulse lengthener if the square wave on/off cycle does alone not quite have the desired affect.


I still use rednet PRC to control a small (big) reactor that feeds a 20K+ RF/t turbine. But since options are limited for sensing/controlling a turbine, I now use a CC PC to control steam feed to a turbine based on energy cell storage sensed by wired modems. There is also CC redstone output to turn the tesseract on once there is enough energy storage to keep a laser drill running while the turbine is getting up to speed. Of course CC programming is a bit more complicated, especially if you want a nice color display to monitor everything.

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