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Just one thing missing in this awesome pack: custom npc!


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hi everyone. im using this mod non-stop since i downloaded it about a week ago. i even forgot to play WoW! because of the near perfection and addictivity level of this pack. however there's one thing i could ask to the guys responsible for this: include custom npc in the pack please!!!! i want to create some custom guards for my castle and a lot more things that only thi mod can provide in a great way. well that would be it. i'll wait for an answer to this to know if it is even possible to include new mods to a pack and this will be done or sadly not because of reasons. thank you all.

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Go talk to GenerikB or BdoubleO100 of the B-Team.

They designed this pack, and they're the ones who decide whether or not and which new mods go in the pack.


In the mean time, it is entirely possible for you to add this mod in yourself.

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Hi guys, I came across this thread in my search for help with Custom NPC's.


My friends and I run a small private server and would like to add custom npcs to B-Team. We uploaded it to the server and then added it client side. When I attempt to start attack of the b-team i get ID-conflicts.


It says it puts it into a .txt file but i'm not sure where to look to find that. 

Has anyone had success with adding custom npcs to b-team? I know it can be hugely OP what with items and all, but we're not worried about that. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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