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[17.10]Industrial Age The Turning[PvP][100 Slots][Custom Modpack][Shops][Friendly Staff][ALL AGES][24/7]

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Modpack Link: Click Here

Website: Click Here

- My Website Is Dedicated To My Modpack and Server, All Bug Reports/Questions/Requests are Reviewed There.  Mod Apps, Vote Sites and Forums Are Also Included On My Website!



Server Rules




1. No Asking For Time Change, OP, Items, Etc
2. No Cursing/Spamming This Server Is For People of All Ages!
3. No Hacking/Advertising Minimaps are Excluded
4. Griefing/Pvp ALLOWED Do NOT Complain
5. Destroying Any Part of Spawn Will Result In an Immediate Ban
6. Do NOT Let Pipes/Quarrys Overflow, This Will Result In A TEMP Ban (Use Incinerators/Black Hole Chest)
7. Dont Fill Quarrys With Water, Put Them In Oceans
8. Respect The Staff
9. Crafting or Using ANY Banned Items Will Result In A Ban
10. Ask Staff For Assistance, NOT The Owner - He Has Other Responsibilties
Mod List Information:
An Updated Mod List Can Be Found On The Modpack Page, I Have Maintained The Modpack For 1 1/2 Years And Continue To Add/Remove Mods Every Major Update To Spice Things Up.  So The Mod List Is Available On The Modpack Page
**Custom Texture Packs For My Modpack, Specifically Modified Are Available HERE**

About Us:
Well Me (enterprise12) is The Author of The Above Modpack "Industrial Age The Turning"
I Am The Owner of This Server, Website And Modpack!
We ARE 24/7 A Extremely Friendly Community, I personally strive to make this server the absolute best without any Abusive Staff.
I Hope You Enjoy My Modpack and Server!
Feel Free To Use The Forums!


This modpack is based around Exploration, Modern Industry and Realism
I would appreciate a +1 like to help get us to the top!


                                                                     NEW SPAWN CONSTRUCTION - FINISHING SEPTEMBER 2014                                                                                                          

2ljjqx0.jpg 2r5rxc8.png zoexjr.png


                                                                                                      OLD WORLD BUILDS                                                                                                                                             


2vlr87c.jpg fuccw8.jpg sy9edt.png

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