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Help with voltz crash


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Hi. I am trying to add flans mod to the voltz modpack. naturally I have done this before in previous versions of voltz however in voltz 3.1.2 flans vehicles/planes are invisible although the shadow still appears and I can walk into it but when I try to ride it everything freezes. I don't get a crash report so the best I can give you is the console log I always have running: http://pastebin.com/DR0xstKw


Flans Version: 4.1.1

Flans packs: Ye Olde-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.4.0

                     WW2-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.4.0

                     Titan-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.4.0

                     Simple Parts-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.4.0

                     Nerf-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.4.0

                     Modern Warfare-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.4.0




                     FutureCraft Pack v6

Voltz version: 3.1.2

Minecraft version 1.6.4


Help appreciated

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