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Tekkit only in in version 1.6.4 ?


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Hello ,


i have the following problem: when i want to play tekkit or any other gamemode in the launcher , i can play these gamemodes only in the version 1.6.4 . The gamemodes works... , but there are a few things i cant do.. i cant sprint , because sptinting was added in a later version. I have absolutely no clue why i cant play it in 1.2.10 or atleast in 1.2.9. Do you have any suggestions for me ? I am using windows 8 , but i dont think thats the problem...


sorry for my english , im from germany :-)

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You seem to confuse Tekkit and Minecraft version numbers.


- 1.2.9 is the current stable TEKKIT version, 1.2.10 is the current Tekkit beta. Choose whatever you want in the launcher.

- 1.6.4 is the MINECRAFT version the current Tekkit is based on. You cannot change this, the pack was made for this Minecraft version only. Updating to a newer Minecraft build would require new versions of every mod. The modding community usually stays one or two major Minecraft builds behind, as those are usually stable and mostly free of bugs. That said, the transition to Minecraft 1.7.x is currently underway, so once it's supported by all required mods, you can probably expect a new Tekkit build some time in the, uh, not-too-far future.



Oh, and about your sprinting issue, try double-tapping your forward movement key. Works totally fine in 1.6.4.

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Sprinting was added bloody ages ago, just double-forward and then hold forward. Only works when your hunger and health bars are high enough (i.e. you're not hungry or hurt).

Both recommended and beta versions of Tekkit are based on Minecraft 1.6.4, and have been for a while. The migration to 1.7.x will come eventually, likely as Tekkit 1.3.x. But nothing has been announced yet in that regard.

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