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[64X] Sphax PureBDcraft [Tekkit 3.1/Technic 7.2] (Balkoon's weapons)


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try using drop box our another uploading site pleasee:) really looking forward to using this, used sphax on normal minecraft and would like it to be working fully on this two :D thankss

i am trying to make a dropbox download, but i cant figure out how, could you teach me?

EDIT: got it, new link is up

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It seems like your Patch link is the, Texture pack link itself and does not contain any mod textures. and following the original site link gives the same download can you please post the correct link to your patch. Thanks, I love this Pack, its spoiled me

i feel stupid, fixed again.

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Hey, I have a problem with Zombies and Pigman their bodies are missing/untextured. Im using the 1.4.4 (64x) BDcraft pack, should i be using a diffirent version?|

Edit: Didn't know tekkit used Minecraft 1.2.5, Changed version of BDcraft works fine now.

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