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Ideas for My Texturepack

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So after having a mooch around to see what's up in the world of technic texturepacks, there was one clear cut constant.

Virtually all the popular ones (Sphax/SMPRevival/Dokucraft) are sorta steampunk orintated.

Is there any point in me making something super groovy and slightly futuristic?

I was thinking of something clean and metallic, but that would still be workable in the surrounding landscape.

Also, all mods would be retextured to the same colour pallete. Unique, but similar.

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I prefer a "faithful" and realistic look myself, but I admit, your idea intrigued me. Don't go with super-duper-everything-beveled-steel, though: Try to make it look like the objects are actually real and come from an actual society that has a "style". (Sort of how you can look at car dashboards, and they are all different, but they all generally have similar things to them and they are all "of a type" that is immediately recognizeable as "dashboards of cars designed in country X".)

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What I do is what I want, and what you fear is not what I plan to do.

My main question is until I start putting out some test images for this sometime tomorrow is do people actually want a more modern/futuristic approach to things?

EDIT : I'm not thinking of '1950's Buck Rogers style space nonsense' futuristic. More 'Deus-Ex/That film with Tom Cruise that was awesome that had cool stuff' style. Just on the edge of futuristic, but addresses the standardisation issue like all the other packs do.

EDIT2 : Minority Report?

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When you say "super groovy" I think of something out of an LSD trip. Then when you say "slightly futuristic" I think of something clean and shiny.

I have no idea what your plan is, but I agree with jakj: make a style and stick to it. If it's dystopic-future machines-falling-apart post-apocalyptic feel, don't make the grass and leaves super bright green, probably want to stick to muted colors, etc. If it is Barney-the-purple-dinosaur themed, don't make Creepers into giant exploding post-apocalyptic malfunctioning robots. Make it Groucho from Sesame Street or whatever that trash can dude's name was.

...aaand while I was typing this you replied to jakj. Yes, you are probably thinking of Minority Report. I personally love dark dystopian cities (especially if set in a post-apocalyptic world), so I like the movie.

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When you say "super groovy" I think of something out of an LSD trip.

On reflection, 'super groovy' was not a good choice of phrase. 'Different' would have been more appropriate, but I couldn't think of anything with a bit more panache, and still can't. I need some sleep. :/

EDIT : Gonna get some screeeeeeeeenshots up in the mornin'

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I like your thinking. Sphax is a bit unrealistic and I would like something like a crossover of Deep Space Turtle Chase and Photo Realism.

The only texture I like from Sphax is the Mining Laser.

Faithful is also a nice Texture Pack that would be a good one to clone.

Show us your progress and keep it up!

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I'm with the other posters on a few things but can you take the texture for sphax Mineing laser and make it blue where its red and even change the laser blast comeing from it? just a thought cause it is a good texture for a weapon/tool

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Don't do a Voxel!!!

The Voxel texturepacks are too metallic.

Go for simple like Simplecraft but not to cartoonistic like Sphax.

Don't go all metallic like DSTC but try not to overwhelm the lag like Photo Realism.

Don't go all steam punk like Dokucraft but not to bloxxy like Legocraft.

Don't be all 'High Rendering' like Kiddiecraft but not to '18 and above' like some Painterly textures.

Don't be to high res, yet don't be too low res.

Don't be all basic like Default but not to unique like Quadrely.

Try to in-between them all.

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