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-_- the first time in my life thats happened... I hate you all lol

The feeling may be mutual. You told us only what your problem is and none of the circumstances surrounding it then whoremoaned when you didn't get your problem automagically fixed.

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heh, when someone posts something thats seems stupid to everyone else usually the community responds with pure sarcasm, its best to just take it like a champ and get on with it otherwise they just label you as a hellen keller (speaks from experience xD) anyways as for your problem you mentioned that you have the latest tekkit server 1.1.2 id have to say you either are dyslexic or you have an older server first try downloading the 2.1.1 server files again just to make sure you have the right version. as for your client side it doesnt matter what version of minecraft you have or what the current version of minecraft even is. the tekkit client will download and modify all of the minecraft files for you so it has nothing to do with your normal vanilla minecraft version. try hitting the options when you go to login and make sure that you have latest recommended build selected and not latest dev build otherwise your clients gonna try to connect to your server and its gonna be like idkwtf to do with this. your getting an end of stream error which tells me that its not hamachi because your at least getting the connection. Now i know your reading this and your brain is probly hurting because i suck at explaining things so ill sum it up

Redownload tekkit 2.1.1 server files.

Make sure client is on "latest recomended build" not "latest developmental build"

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The latest server version is MC 1.1

You are probably using Tekkit latest build (1.2.5)

1.1 Is not 1.2.5, go into settings then press the circle named: Always use recommended builds.

I know you are a noob, and the admins are not reeeallly HELPFUL but when people like this shows up, i can understand why, go read a wiki. Or look at other threads before starting a new one. Just one note, if you are messing with too many settings, anywhere, a gorilla will come from the moon and shit in your pc.

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