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I have the latest tekkit server. 1.1.2 or something similar. I have minecraft 1.2.5 And the latest tekkit launcher... But the three dont like each other, and when I try to get on my server, well.... i cant. I use Hamachi...

If anyone wants to know what the message I get is, please ask...


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wow, Think its cus im special...anyway, I'll try again:

Why can I not get onto my tekkit server?

I have the latest minecraft, the latest tekkit server, the latest tekkit launcher. And i use hamatchi to run my server on. I get the message 'End of stream' which i think means that something is the wrong version.

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You must be soaked by now in that rain... Why not go indoors and dry off, come back when ur feeling a bit more useful lol ;)

I've said it plenty of times on here. I don't help people who can't help themselves.

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2.1.1??? anyone no where i can download the back date for mc then?

Are... you special? I mean, do you need some kind of special helmet to provide extra protection when you fall down due to balance issues stemming from what might be wrong in the upstairs region?

Listen. You... hold on. My brain is starting to crumble from the pressure.


I think, I've got it.

You don't need to backdate anything because the launcher should do it all for you.

There. PHEW.

So yeah. Just make sure that your server and your client are running the same Tekkit version and everything should work out in the end. Slather it with a nice thick later of barbecue sauce and let it sit in the oven at 450 for about 10 minutes. Go ahead and pull it out and you should have a delicious Tekkit server just ready to serve your guests.

They'll rave over your skill in the kitchen and devour YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL.

In other news, we're expecting rain off the coast of Brazil while the European valley is expected sunshine throughout the day.

SCT, back to you.

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If i could help myself, why would i be here?

Because helping yourself can consist of searching the forums, posting a proper bug report, using basic problem solving or even... hear me out on this one... taking the time to write an intelligible and understandable post!

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Indeed dear time lord, that would work. However, if you weren't all obsessed on making me look stupid and actually gave me an answer instead of little snippets of information then we could of been done by now and stopped arguing.

Searching other forums: done a few, takes a long time

Report a bug: other people can do it, so its not a bug

basic problem solving: failed

understandable post: 3rd time lucky, i think you can understand my question and what im trying to do and what im using.

Now if anyone would like to HELP then post a reply, if not, keep walking

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if you weren't all obsessed on making me look stupid

Oh, we're not, you're doing that yourself just fine.

Here. I'll walk you through it.

If you're using the dev build (Tekkit for 1.2.5), that means you know how to select what modpack build you want to use. So select the previous one. Problem solved.

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