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Help adding Ars Magica 2 to Tekkit


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Hello everyone, so I'm not a newbie to modding, I'm just having a ton of issues adding Ars Magica 2.  The ID's conflict, of course, I fixed that after some trial and error.  Took a while but I eventually finally got it to where I could get every item in AM2, but afterwards anytime I tried making a spell using vinteum dust, the game would have a hissy fit and crash.  Vinteum dust appeared fine, so I don't see what the issue there was.  Anyway, I was just hoping someone already had a 100% working config for Tekkit/AM2 that they could upload for me, I really love Tekkit and want to use Ars Magica 2 with it.  Thank you in advance! (Apologies if this isn't the right section...)

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