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Alchemy bags in tekkit LITE servers? HOW?


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So I am a server owner of a tekkit lite server and I can not find help anywhere on this subject. So why not try here!


Alchemical bags on servers exist, and I don't know how they do. I would like to know some information so that I may be able to add them to my server as well. I know that nobody will respond to this most likely, because usually when I post I get no response, but if you know then please help!


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Becuase most server  that have it are in the top ten on there respective voting lists and there will not share knowlegde that might take that from them. i As a Dev Believe in the free exchange of information. I also believe that if i can patch or fix a problem with tekkit lite that all servers should beable to have this information. So just keep an eye out for my posts

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I find most vote-lists are complete bull and it boils down to offering something in-game for the click spam they want their so called "users" to do. And anyone hosting a server that operates it this way should be ashamed to even consider their server good to any extent.

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