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Tekkit to 1.6.4


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again, wake up. EE2 has been left behind by the mod dev Xenophobe. Pahimar continues with the new EE3.


IC2 is on a experimental build by the few devs that are barely working on it. Alblaka left a long time ago.

This happened almost a year ago.


You need to update yourself, or search the words "IC2" and "EE2" on this forum because these requests has been thrown around so many times

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Just bought account for my daughter and when we created her account she created her avatar (skin) in Mincraft which is at version 1.8, when we launch Tekkit Classic it says the Minecraft version is 1.2, we downloaded the newest version, and the new version of the launcher but her skin from Minecraft is not coming over to Tekkit Classic, what else do we have to do?  We have updated everything according to the Tekkit Support Forums, but her skin in Tekkit Classic is the default, not the one she created.


I read that it is suppose to pull from Minecraft but it is not.  What am I missing?  The launcher we downloaded is 439 but when you run the launcher in the left corner is says Minecraft version 1.25 but Minecraft version that is installed is 1.8 so what does the version number on the launcher actually look at?


Help please.

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this has nothing to do with this thread as this thread is asking about an updated Tekkit, which already exist.


The latest updated launcher is 439, the modpack version of Tekkit Classic is stuck on 1.2.5 MC. As for 1.8 I have no idea, it sounds like you're referring to your java version?

The numbers can be confusing, so please make a report on the Tracker and follow the Tracker Rules and Guidelines so we can properly sort it out

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